Welcome to Transfers 

Take a look ... this is how easy it really is!  Some of them you can even paint - they are so much fun!

Welcome to Stamps

You have to try it!!!  Before you know it you will be stamping everything & it will look amazing!

Faux Turquoise Jewellery

You have to watch to see just how easy and stunning the outcome is!!!

Welcome to Moulds

This will bring you back to your childhood when you were rolling 'Play Doh' , remember?  Except now you can add gorgeous embellishments to anything you can get your hands on!

Welcome to Paintable Transfers

You don't have to paint them,
but you can!  You will feel like an artist when you're finished these amazing transfers!

Christmas Cherub Ornaments

Fun fun and more fun!!!

Christmas Boughs of Holly

Have fun with this Christmas tutorial!

Tin Can Luminaries

Fun project for Christmas or summer out on the patio!

Stamping a Pillow

Just imagine using the new Christmas stamps on these - WOW!!!